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The goal of your video

To demonstrate the value of professional management and/or ICMA membership.

Choose one of this year's themes:

The value of professional management in your community.

Why join ICMA?

Career advice for aspiring managers.

Your greatest challenge or success working in local government.

For more about careers in local government and ICMA visit icma.org/careers

ICMA's 2nd Annual Video Contest is under way!

The contest will run until August 10, 2009.

Winning videos will be:

  • Used in ICMA promotions for careers in local government and local government management.
  • Distributed to traditional and non-traditional media outlets.
  • Posted on ICMAtv and social networking sites.
  • Linked and viewable from www.icma.org.
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Why local government is right for you

Contestant: Brian Smith

This video takes a look behind the scenes of a local government, and shows that a good team of people can make a difference.