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About Us

ICMA tv is a the only web TV channel dedicated to covering the events and issues of importance to ICMA members. It can be viewed during the conference itself on screens at the event and in selected delegate hotels. Through the year it is regularly updated with new films, features and coverage on topics which emerge at home and overseas. ICMA tv is produced by WebsEdge.







For any queries/comments please contact us on:
Ph: +44 (0)207 630 4900




9 -11 Grosvenor Gardens





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ICMA tv: Your Television Channel

ICMA tv is delighted to be back at the ICMA Annual conference for the second year. With reports from all over the country and interviews with decision-makers this year's ICMA tv promises to be bigger and better than ever. Don't miss ICMA tv - tune in on dedicated channels in your hotel room and on screens around the convention centre.